Why Samsung Equipment Is the Ideal Choice For Business

a samsung laptopSamsung has worked diligently to make itself a household name. It’s really paid off and today, the brand of Samsung is a household name that stands for quality.

There are a variety of benefits to owning and using Samsung equipment. Samsung backs its products with generous warranties and stands by their products with integrity.

A Little Samsung History

Headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul South Korea, Samsung has taken the time to build itself up as a brand that can be relied upon and will stand the test of time.

The technology giant began in 1969 as an electronics company and has built up its reputation from there. By the year 1981, Samsung has manufactured well over 10 million in electronics and the number has only risen from there.

Samsung equipment is top of the line and works well together or separately. Many combine copiers, computers and printers all together with one name brand and Samsung equipment have the stellar reputation of working well as a stand-alone piece of equipment or in conjunction with other office equipment.

Fast forward to the year 2014 and Samsung was sponsoring such things as the Academy Awards and more. With such a high reputation you’d think every office would be choosing Samsung equipment.

Partnering With Barnes & Noble

In the year 2014, Barnes and Noble teamed up with Samsung to create their Nook tablet for reading and surfing the Web. Reasonably priced, they could now work together to get the word out that Samsung equipment is an ideal choice for businesses on both sides of the market.

picture of the Samsung logon on a computerAs Samsung has created their brand, they’ve taken the proper steps to ensure that their Printer Cartridges test properly and adhere to the strict requirements of the TUV Rheinland.

From laptops to printers, from copiers to cameras, Samsung has managed to corner the market and brand itself as a top brand in the industry. By keeping their prices reasonable, Samsung has enticed the market to sway in their direction and incorporate office products into their businesses from Samsung.

Today, many companies recognise that quality is paramount in their equipment, and some even consider that without Samsung quality their businesses would not run as efficiently.


Samsung has gone above and beyond to ensure that their equipment is appealing to businesses around the nation. When it’s time to upgrade equipment Samsung offers a variety of options and choices in a variety of price ranges that are readily affordable to offices both small and large.

a picture of a motherboardInterestingly enough, Samsung is a huge supplier to other major corporations including the famous Apple where they have a love-hate relationship.

In 2013, Best Buy Corporation, seeing the potential of carrying Samsung products, partnered with Samsung to sell their products and help customers learn the value of such devices.

To keep it simple, Best Buy decided to locate all of their Samsung products in one easy to find location where they have the technicians and the equipment that customers want.

If you’re seeking new business equipment, Samsung offers top quality and affordable solutions for your business needs.

Partnering With a Local Supplier

Buying Samsung equipment from a high street retailer or on the internet is one thing. However, there are also firms that specialise in both the supply and maintenance of Samsung products.

Companies that have reached a high enough standard within their industry are permitted to partner with Samsung. These companies are not only trained in the use of the devices to distribute the products, but they are also trained to provide maintenance and support for their customers. This is a tremendous benefit for businesses wanting to use Samsung equipment.

Having an IT support team on hand to assist you with your technology requirements is critical for businesses to run smoothly. Therefore, if you are using Samsung equipment and your IT department are specially trained in the maintenance and operations of these specific devices you will be in a far better position to get your equipment back up and running quickly if you are in need of support.

Fluent Group is one such company that have partnered with Samsung to provide their customers with support and maintenance and even the hardware if necessary. Fluent are an independent IT support company based in the South-East of England. You can learn more about Fluent Group’s IT support here http://www.fluent-group.co.uk/it-support