Why Samsung Equipment Is the Ideal Choice For Business

a samsung laptopSamsung has worked diligently to make itself a household name. It’s really paid off and today, the brand of Samsung is a household name that stands for quality.

There are a variety of benefits to owning and using Samsung equipment. Samsung backs its products with generous warranties and stands by their products with integrity.

A Little Samsung History

Headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul South Korea, Samsung has taken the time to build itself up as a brand that can be relied upon and will stand the test of time.

The technology giant began in 1969 as an electronics company and has built up its reputation from there. By the year 1981, Samsung has manufactured well over 10 million in electronics and the number has only risen from there.

Samsung equipment is top of the line and works well together or separately. Many combine copiers, computers and printers all together with one name brand and Samsung equipment have the stellar reputation of working well as a stand-alone piece of equipment or in conjunction with other office equipment.

Fast forward to the year 2014 and Samsung was sponsoring such things as the Academy Awards and more. With such a high reputation you’d think every office would be choosing Samsung equipment.

Partnering With Barnes & Noble

In the year 2014, Barnes and Noble teamed up with Samsung to create their Nook tablet for reading and surfing the Web. Reasonably priced, they could now work together to get the word out that Samsung equipment is an ideal choice for businesses on both sides of the market.

picture of the Samsung logon on a computerAs Samsung has created their brand, they’ve taken the proper steps to ensure that their Printer Cartridges test properly and adhere to the strict requirements of the TUV Rheinland.

From laptops to printers, from copiers to cameras, Samsung has managed to corner the market and brand itself as a top brand in the industry. By keeping their prices reasonable, Samsung has enticed the market to sway in their direction and incorporate office products into their businesses from Samsung.

Today, many companies recognise that quality is paramount in their equipment, and some even consider that without Samsung quality their businesses would not run as efficiently.


Samsung has gone above and beyond to ensure that their equipment is appealing to businesses around the nation. When it’s time to upgrade equipment Samsung offers a variety of options and choices in a variety of price ranges that are readily affordable to offices both small and large.

a picture of a motherboardInterestingly enough, Samsung is a huge supplier to other major corporations including the famous Apple where they have a love-hate relationship.

In 2013, Best Buy Corporation, seeing the potential of carrying Samsung products, partnered with Samsung to sell their products and help customers learn the value of such devices.

To keep it simple, Best Buy decided to locate all of their Samsung products in one easy to find location where they have the technicians and the equipment that customers want.

If you’re seeking new business equipment, Samsung offers top quality and affordable solutions for your business needs.

Partnering With a Local Supplier

Buying Samsung equipment from a high street retailer or on the internet is one thing. However, there are also firms that specialise in both the supply and maintenance of Samsung products.

Companies that have reached a high enough standard within their industry are permitted to partner with Samsung. These companies are not only trained in the use of the devices to distribute the products, but they are also trained to provide maintenance and support for their customers. This is a tremendous benefit for businesses wanting to use Samsung equipment.

Having an IT support team on hand to assist you with your technology requirements is critical for businesses to run smoothly. Therefore, if you are using Samsung equipment and your IT department are specially trained in the maintenance and operations of these specific devices you will be in a far better position to get your equipment back up and running quickly if you are in need of support.

Fluent Group is one such company that have partnered with Samsung to provide their customers with support and maintenance and even the hardware if necessary. Fluent are an independent IT support company based in the South-East of England. You can learn more about Fluent Group’s IT support here http://www.fluent-group.co.uk/it-support

Why Proper Data Backup Is Important

a man experiencing problems with his computerYou have to have the proper data backup system in place if you want your files to be safe. Data can easily be lost due to a hardware of software failure. Not only that but even an unfortunate event like a fire could destroy all of your data.

Many businesses operate by only keeping one copy of a document at any one time. This is a huge risk if that copy is not backed up, stored and protected correctly. For instance, having a folder of irreplaceable images on your hard drive could easily be lost if your hard drive were to fail. Without a backup copy, they would more than likely be lost for good.

Use a data recovery service

There are data recovery services that may be able to help, but sometimes they cannot recover your files and the only way to avoid losing them is to have backup options in place.

Where can a backup be stored safely? Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can just get an external hard drive and that’s all you need. If the building your equipment is in were to flood or catch on fire, you might lose all your data, so it is a good practice to use cloud storage and back your files up to it every day.

If you are working with an IT support team then they will advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

What to do if you lose some of your data?

If you’ve lost some of your data, don’t use the computer or device that it was on until you talk to a data recovery expert. When you delete files or when something happens where they get erased, they don’t necessarily go away.a cartoon depicting a person experiencing computer problems

While you can’t see your data with standard software, it still moves to another place to be rewritten later when that space is needed. This is why people can still get into trouble for crimes even if they erased their hard drives by formatting them. If you use the device, then you’re at risk of the files getting over-written, but a lot of the time if you get recovery help right after you lost your files you often can recover them.

Encrypt your data

Encrypt anything that you store, especially if you’re storing the data on the Internet somewhere. While you may not care about some files getting stolen, if you’re storing anything that could end in you getting your identity stolen or that has any sensitive information, encryption is a must.

This works by scrambling the files according to a certain equation. The only way to unscramble the files to make them readable is to have the right key, so they’re safe if they get intercepted in some way.


Making use of alternative storage such as the cloud for your files is a superb idea. If you lose any date make sure you stop using the computer immediately until you can call in a data recovery expert. Even when backing up your files to a secure cloud storage platform, be sure also to take the extra step of encrypting your files for maximum safety and protection.

The importance of proper data backup is critical for businesses to understand. You now should be a little more familiar with what you have to do and why it’s a good idea to work with backing up everything you work on.

There are so many issues that can cause you to lose data, and without backups, you may not be able to recover what you had.

Five Ways To Protect Your Business Against Data Theft

image of a man trying to steal dataSecurity is one of the most important parts of maintaining a well-run business. An integral component of this is keeping your data safe. Data breaches make people hesitant to work with you and in some cases, it can lead to the closure of your company. If you want to keep your business protected, you should keep these five points in mind.

1. Educate Your Employees

In some cases, data is vulnerable because employees were not properly trained on the best way to handle it. Every business should have a data protection policy in place, and they should make sure that it is distributed to all of their employees. Be clear about what is expected of them, and ensure that they know you are available if they have any questions about the materials they have received.

2. Use A Great Firewall

One issue that many companies have is the fact that they are not using a good firewall. There are so many available that it can be difficult to decide which one will suit your needs. The best thing to do would be to read reviews and ask others about the software they use to protect themselves. You should also avoid using any that are offered for free since some of them are more malicious than they seem.

3. Keep All Your Software Up To Date

You may not realise this, but having outdated software is a good way to place your business’ data at risk. This is because software developers often realise there are vulnerabilities, so they create patches to address the issue. If you don’t take the time to update your software, it means that you will not receive the fixes, and your data will be left in a position where it may get compromised.

Furthermore, if compromisation happens then not only can your data be lost but it can also be damaged or deleted completely by the offenders. Therefore, always put proper data backup procedures in place to ensure your data will not be lost for good.

4. Be Careful With Email

When you receive an email from people you are not familiar with, you should make sure that you don’t click on any links or download anything you are prompted to. This is because some people disguise viruses and other malicious software as legitimate programs. Unless you know the sender, and you are sure they are not trying to hurt you, don’t download anything. You should also avoid opening attachments from unknown sources.

5. Carefully Dispose Of Data

Make sure that you buy a shredder to get rid of physical documents when you no longer need them. These are not very expensive compared to other business equipment, and they are an integral part of keeping your business safe. You should always purchase one of the heavy duty ones that can shred paper and computer discs since sensitive data is often stored on both.

You should now have a much better idea of what it takes to keep your company’s data safe. Failing to take action can result in not only a loss of data, but it can ultimately lead to the demise of your business. Apply all the points discussed here if you want to avoid that fate.

Here’s a good video with ten facts you should be aware of concerning online security