Why Proper Data Backup Is Important

a man experiencing problems with his computerYou have to have the proper data backup system in place if you want your files to be safe. Data can easily be lost due to a hardware of software failure. Not only that but even an unfortunate event like a fire could destroy all of your data.

Many businesses operate by only keeping one copy of a document at any one time. This is a huge risk if that copy is not backed up, stored and protected correctly. For instance, having a folder of irreplaceable images on your hard drive could easily be lost if your hard drive were to fail. Without a backup copy, they would more than likely be lost for good.

Use a data recovery service

There are data recovery services that may be able to help, but sometimes they cannot recover your files and the only way to avoid losing them is to have backup options in place.

Where can a backup be stored safely? Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can just get an external hard drive and that’s all you need. If the building your equipment is in were to flood or catch on fire, you might lose all your data, so it is a good practice to use cloud storage and back your files up to it every day.

If you are working with an IT support team then they will advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

What to do if you lose some of your data?

If you’ve lost some of your data, don’t use the computer or device that it was on until you talk to a data recovery expert. When you delete files or when something happens where they get erased, they don’t necessarily go away.a cartoon depicting a person experiencing computer problems

While you can’t see your data with standard software, it still moves to another place to be rewritten later when that space is needed. This is why people can still get into trouble for crimes even if they erased their hard drives by formatting them. If you use the device, then you’re at risk of the files getting over-written, but a lot of the time if you get recovery help right after you lost your files you often can recover them.

Encrypt your data

Encrypt anything that you store, especially if you’re storing the data on the Internet somewhere. While you may not care about some files getting stolen, if you’re storing anything that could end in you getting your identity stolen or that has any sensitive information, encryption is a must.

This works by scrambling the files according to a certain equation. The only way to unscramble the files to make them readable is to have the right key, so they’re safe if they get intercepted in some way.


Making use of alternative storage such as the cloud for your files is a superb idea. If you lose any date make sure you stop using the computer immediately until you can call in a data recovery expert. Even when backing up your files to a secure cloud storage platform, be sure also to take the extra step of encrypting your files for maximum safety and protection.

The importance of proper data backup is critical for businesses to understand. You now should be a little more familiar with what you have to do and why it’s a good idea to work with backing up everything you work on.

There are so many issues that can cause you to lose data, and without backups, you may not be able to recover what you had.